Kyle Sheehan

Software Developer

My name is Kyle Sheehan. I am a full stack software developer with knowledge in Ruby and Rails on the back end, and JavaScript (React/Redux) on the front end. I make it my goal to write clean, readable code no matter what the program or language I am writing in. I have an insatiable passion for learning and that's what drew me to programming. A developer needs to be constantly self-motivated to learn. Check my ELI5 Coding Blog to see what I'm currently learning, or scroll down to my portfolio to check out what I’ve completed.

When I’m not coding:

Though I call myself gritty, I love craft beer, fancy watches, eating healthy, and good writing – in whatever form I can find it. Ben Franklin enlightened me on the ways of self-improvement, and Ernest Hemingway inspired me to run with the bulls. I’m a sports fanatic, especially of the [Philadelphia] teams where I reside. I train youth soccer teams and coach a girls high school team. Lionel Messi is the reason I wake up in the morning.



Odin Network

A Facebook clone put together using Ruby on Rails, a postgres database, deployed to Heroku and backed by an AWS S3 storage system. Sign in with your Facebook account using Facebook's API. Features include posting, friending, liking, commenting, and more!

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Flight Booker

Mock airline flight booking web application. Choose from 800 flights between 5 different airports. Select your origin, destination, date, and number of passengers, and the flight booker presents you with optional flight times on that date. See one you like? A nested form allows each passenger to enter his/her personal information and book the flight!

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Ruby Hangman game I converted to a Sinatra app. Uses Object Oriented Programming to initialize the game and play methods.

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Connect Four

Command line connect four game written in Ruby. Uses object oriented programming practices to change turns between 2 player pieces, and declare a winner if four pieces are dropped in a row.

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Etch-a-sketch written in JQuery just like you had when you were a kid. Drag your cursor across the screen and the grid turns gray. You can make the squares smaller or larger to adjust the size of your stencil.

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I can be reached at